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Maurice Raphael Videos Cinematography, Μωρίς Ραφαήλ Παραγωγή Ταινιών, Βίντεο & Τηλεοπτικών Προγραμματων

Tryangle Outdoor Activities

Papageorgiou Hospital 20th Anniversary

Charlie D. Brasserie

Clean Me – By Dust + Cream

Anatolia College Thank you Video

What are we made of?

What are you made of? London Edition

What are we made of? Athens Edition

ACT Study Abroad Program 2019

Dust+Cream Wanna Reach the Top

Dust+Cream Xmas Tutorial


Eagles Palace

Santorini Heights

Papageorgiou Hospital

NARA – Fuck You

THERMOLITH (Exhibition Video)


Dotsoft (Team Presentation)

Costopoulos Eyewear

Yiorgos Koftis

Βord de l’ eau

Open House 2012 promo

Voreia Asteria – “Kaliteres Meres”

Tendts – “I Met a Girl”

Sonny Touch – “Need a Rest?”

Polygrains – “Fuit”

Pölkar – “Caribbean Girl”

Plastic Flowers – ‘Populists’

Plastic Flowers – ‘In You I ’m Lost’

Under Greek Skies

Pavlos Pavlidis & B-movies – “Osoi trone apo ta skoupidia”

Mary’s Flower Superhead – “Touch To A Blast”

Madeleine Peyroux – “Min Ton Rotas Ton Ourano”

Keep Shelly in Athens – “Lazy Noon”

Hat Trick – Isos

Foivos Delivorias – “Erimia stin Kallithea”

Cayetano & Band – “Night Without Stars”

Prenatal Diagnosis Thessaloniki

Gerovasileiou Vineyard


Sani Gourmet 2013

My Cava Trailer

Glow 100

Fake Time


TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 10 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 9 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 8 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 7 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramythi’ – Episode 6 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 5 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramithi’ – Episode 4 (trailer)

TV Show ‘Paramythi’ – Episode 3 (trailer)

TV Show “Paramythi” – Episode 2 (trailer)

TV Show “Paramythi” – Episode 1 (trailer)

Maurice Raphael Portfolio